Pigments Basic Color Series

In order to comply the regulations of International Environmental Protection Textile Administration-Okeo Tex Standard-100, to eliminate

the forbidden chemical and to increase the fastness in the printing textiles, we has developed an Environmental Protection series pigment

Printing Colorants to fulfill the need of the textile printing market.

Environmental Protection Series Pigment Printing Colorants comply the quality standards of the finished Products

(solid content, viscosity, PH, color shade, color strength , dispersion)

Herewith the technical information for this series below:

  1. Formaldehyde Free: Comply DIN 53315 regulation.
  2. Nonyl-Phenol Ethylene Oxide Free.
  3. Azo : Free from 24 item Azo in Textile.
  4. 10 Extractable heavy metals: Comply with regulation.
  5.  PVC plasticizers (Phtalate): Comply with regulation.
  6. Organic Tin compounds: Comply with regulation.
  7. Light fastness (1.0%*40AFU): grade 4 at least.
  8. Dry heating Fastness (180 c*30secs): 4 grade at least.
  9. Color migration Fastness into PVC Foil: numerous products are 4 at least.
  10. We can provide certified test reports.

Above mentioned comply with regulation. The test result is zero or under stipulated value.

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