Denim Discharge Base(R101)

Denim Discharge base (R101)

t is water base ink developed to produce excellent denim fabric discharge-out result. Due to its liquid form,it is required to mix with Denim Emulsifier R to stablize a printable viscosity form on silk screen. Denim discharge ink can not be colored by any water base pigment, only providing a pale white effect while applied.

  • Special discharge on indigo dyed denim fabric.
  • PVC, phthalate, APEO, Azo and Lead Free formulations. Meets all key international environmental standards.
  •  Superb discharge on suitable garments.


 Printing Guides
  •  Use 100 t/in mesh (40 t/cm).
  • Mix with Denim Emulsifier R 10% by weight of Denim Discharge Base and constantly stirring a ready mixed formula for a while to get a slight viscosity form. Please do consume ready mixed paste out before it hydrolyzes.
  •  Recommend to print at least TWO times to get better discharge effect. After printing and curing, denim fabric will become pale white effect on printed area.
  • Laundering denim fabric gives more sharp whiteness on discharged area.




  • To avoid spoilage of mixed base, only mix quantity which can be consumed in a 4 hour period.
  •  Insufficient curing time and temperature may result in poor or unpredictable discharging of fabric dyes.
  • Warning: Always pre-test the discharge-ability of your garments by printing a small swatch on the inside of garments.
  • Containers must maintain air. Tight seal while not in use.
  •  Screen must be prepared with water-resist emulsion to prevent stencil breakdown.
  •  Any application not referred in this Product Information should be pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service prior to print.
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